The Trendy 70s!



In terms of fashion the 1970s bought with it TRENDS.
So just what exactly is a 'Trend'?
The dictionary says it is
''A general direction in which something is developing or changing''.
In the 1970s the words 'trends and 'fashion' were used together, probably for the first time.
The reason, I think for this is because this particular decade brought about quick and changing styles in fashion and home decor quite a few times.
Whereas in previous generations fashion didn't really do this.
In terms of fashion,the 1910s brought about simple changes,
the 1920s brought about extreme changes but only that one style change dominated the decade,
during the 1930-40s, not much change happened at all and in the 1950s the changes were still quite small. The 1960s did bring about many different fashions styles, which makes it unique also,
but those 'styles were all popular at the same time.
The 1970s was different in that, the fashion styles were varied through the decade but one at a time, each dominated the style, this was called a TREND.
Early 1970s
What I call 'Flower Power.
A style that evolved from the Hippie & Mod Styles from the 1960s.
Uses abstract floral patterns and 'Mod' styled 'shift' shape.
Neo Edwardian or' Prairie  Style'
( 'as it is called today')
This trend's main contribution to fashion history, that has see longevity is the 'Maxi',
a floor length dress or skirt.
Uses balloon & mutton sleeves, buttoned cuffs, high collars, empire or princess waistlines.
One of the main contributors to this trend was Laura Ashley.
Prints were floral but 'ditsy' ( very small) Cotton and lace very much the favoured trims.
Mid  to Late 1970s
Country & Ethnic Styles

Sometimes called Texicana, uses, wide brim hats,cowboy boots, ponchos, wide belts. Tends to favour natural fibres and ethnic patterns.

Also can wear boot cut jeans, peasant style tops.

Ethnic patterns ans styles can be mix & match.

Glam Rock Style

Although not a huge or long time trend, it made a huge impact.

Incorporated styles from the past .These 'retro or vintage styles' were combined with 'space age' oddities like very high and square, solid platform shoes, leather, glitter, feather, makeup  and anything theatrical.

Bold patterns like dots, stripes and bold colours like pink, red, purple, embellished with gold trims, glitter, etc


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1970s does 1930s

1970s does 1930s

Just as now Vintage styling was very popular. By the late 1970s,1930s style in fashions and hairstyles became 'vogue' again.

Haircuts like The Bob, The Midi, The Baby,The Page Boy, The Wedge

( all of which could be curled into 30s styles for evening wear too).

A-line dresses, balloon sleeves that were cuffed, angel sleeves,wide legged and 'bags' trousers, palazzo pants & culottes too. Bolero tops,cross over, halterneck, low back slinky dresses for evening wear were the epitome of sophistication.

Frank Usher Evening Gowns
1970s does 1930s


Disco Style in terms of the fashion was about in your face bling bling glitzy glamour. The more you shone the better.

Sequins, glitter, mirrors on fabric, etc.

But it was also feminine and a bit latino in style for both sexes.

The dresses for dancing were thinnish material, clinging to curves, but full and a-line and below the knee. The shoes were latin dance style shoes.

New Wave

New Wave had a futuristic, space age quality. Big square shoulders, leggins, stilettos shoes, boots, belts, etc. Fabrics  favoured the metallics

and non- patterned.