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Splendid Facial Adormentations

Marvelous Moustaches,

Massively Masculine Beards,

Gorgeous Goaties



Wonderful Waxations

What do facial adornments,
as I call them do for a man?
Well, as I am a lady, I can only give you gentlemen a lady's perspective on that .
As I women I find male facial hair the epitome of maleness.
It provides interest , personality and extra expression to the male face.
It is also tactile and provides alluring texture to stroke!
A well suited beard, moustache or both can definitely make a man more attractive.
Equally a unkept and ill suited variety can make a man look disheveled and disposes him to the judgment of being a lazy and irritable undriven man.
Smell is of the upmost importance!
A beautifully scented beard is just magic to the ladies. But a unwashed, unscented beard can be repulsive.
Texture is the next important thing to have an alluring beard.
Scratchy vellus hair is not only unpleasant against a ladys soft skin and prickly on a kiss, but its down right menacing when it can halt your desire by getting a beard rash, which is sore, red and itchy.
Shape is the really interesting bit.
Here a girl can have fun guesting your personality, what drives you and turns you on.
It provides just enough to interest her to know more about you, but is also alluringly mysterious, as she wants to know why you want to have a certain shape added to your face. It also shows how creative you are, shows you have confidence to wear something unusually too, this is extra alluring to females, a confident man!
The right shape can make you have the desired effect. It can make your face softer, harder, fun, sexy, tactile ( she wants to touch it), intelligent, mature, mysterious, etc . In fact anything you want to show or cover up can be enhanced by the right shaped facial adornment for you.
A soft eyed youthful face gains masculinity, maturity and sharp confidence by a distinctive shaped moustache & goatee and accentuates his beautiful 'triangular' shape face and handsome features. The smallness of the beard and shapeliness of the moustaches highlights his well formed but small mouth.
Very Romantic!
A boyish 'round' face and receding hairline is not the main focus of this face anymore, by added interest and sharpness in the shape of his moustaches his intense personality is revealed. The 'intense' shape that he has waxed his moustaches, makes his warm eyes stand out more.
He offers strength and maturity with a pinch of fun!
Making a girl feel safe and well cared for.
The intense stare on this manly 'square' face are made softer by a fuzzy soft beard and low slung ears look higher up because the face has been elongated by the beard.The moustache is thin and well trimmed to accentuate the well formed mouth and lips, offering softness.
Interesting combination of intensity and softness, promised passion and soft kisses!
This' oval 'faced cheeky chappies handlebar moustache sporting a  pipe, shows his playful and a bit naughty side.
The playful, soft raggy look of the moustache is juxtaposed by his neat eyebrows and hair style topped off by his hat, making him a paradox, very alluring and offers
mystique & fun!

Which fabulous facial adornment would be best for your facial shape?


TRIANGLE- Prominent chin, and your jawline measures greater than your cheekbones.

Draw attention away from your chin by placing hair higher up on your face. Avoid hair on your cheeks so you don’t emphasize your wide jawline, and keep hair short on the chin. Try the beardstache, a full moustache with a beard that resembles heavy stubble.


OVALOval is the ideal face shape, a nice middle ground between all the face shapes. Your cheekbones are slightly wider than your jawbones, and your jawline is rounded.

You can get away with any facial hair style

ROUND-You have a wide jawline, wide cheekbones, and a short chin.Create the illusion of a more angular chin by rocking a beard that places emphasis on the chin. Try any style that is shorter on the cheeks and longer on the chin, like the Van Dyke beard or goatee. Avoid thick, long beards, as this will only make your face look rounder.


OBLONG-You have a long face, with wide jawbones that sit above your mouth, and a deep, square chin.

A beard that makes your face appear fuller, such as a chinstrap beard or mutton chops. You can also try a moustache style that breaks up your face vertically, such as the chevron moustache (a la Tom Selleck) or a horseshoe moustache.

You can also combine the two – a circle beard plus a horseshoe moustache, for instance, to add volume to the lower portion of your face.

DIAMOND-Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and you have a narrow forehead and jawline that are approximately symmetrical.

Keep hair on your chin to reduce the prominence of your cheekbones, going a little wider on the cheeks and sides of your face. Try beard styles like the full beard, Balbo, or the chin strap and moustache combo. You can also try a goatee.


SQUARE-You have a covetable strong, square jaw that’s the defining feature of many models and Hollywood actors.

You want a beard that highlights, rather than exaggerates, your strong jaw line. Rather than go for a beard with sharp right angles, round out your chin area with a narrower, softer beard like the circle beard, which accentuates your jaw while lengthening your chin. You can also try a Balbo beard (a beard without sideburns and a trimmed, floating moustache)


HEART-The opposite of the triangle, a heart face shape features a forehead larger than the cheekbones and jawline, along with a pointed chin.

To create the impression of a full, square jawline, go for a long, thick beard, mutton chops, a chin curtain, or extended goatee.



Types of Facial Adornments Through the Ages

Singer, Actor Elvis Presley's
''Mutton Chops'' - late 1960s

Late 1940-50s, Radio DJ, Wolfman Jack

Iconic Actor, Clarke Gable - 1930-40s
Pencil Thin Moustache
Iconic Actor & Stunt man
Errol Fynn 1930-40s
Pencil Thin Moustache
Actor, Richard Roundtree
as Shaft- 1971
Sporting the ' Winnsfield'
Actor, Omar Sharif- 1960s
Pencil Thin Moustache - Jimmy Buffet- 1970s
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Swedish born Hollywood Actor- Nils Asther - 1920s
'King of Soul'
Otis Redding , thin moustache 
-Late 1960s


Sporting a 'Pencil Thin'
& 'Soul Patch'
 Sporting The 'Zapper'