Great Vintage looks for your baby everyday.

Matinee Jackets were designed for baby to wear in the pram. Especially knitted to show off your lovely baby!

Beautifully Handknitted with love by expectant mother, grandmother, great grandmother or great aunty.

Should be treasured gifts. Vintage Trends will pack your freshly laundered Vintage Baby items in acid free tissue and a new white box, with added washing instructions, the box is then tied with a ribbon ,

all for FREE!

FABRIC: Acrylic & wool blend- see test below NB: Arcylic yarns developed in 1940s by Dupont. Use a lot from 1950s onward. Baby clothes tended to be acrylic/ wool or cotton blends.

Soft wool yarns were much more expensive, thus, acrylic blends were popular.


PATTERN: Plain knit

BUTTONS: Good quality plastic- milk white 4 to form a waist where it fastens

SIZE: New Born

AGE: 1950-60s- buy style

CONDITION: Good Vintage- no holes, tears or missing buttons, but is is used condition

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Recommended to hand wash in tepid water with a wool/delicate detergent or natural soap.Add a drop of white ( not malted) vinegar which has had a drop of Pure Lavender essential oil added, to the final rinse. Lay flat on a clean white towel on a table and dry inside in a warm room.



Wool has a overall softer and natural feel. Acrylic can get ' stratchy with age', has a 'crunchy' sound when rubbed.

Wool, if you look close has a fibre that sticks out ( esp. on vintage peices)

Blends can present 'wool' features too. But over all an acrylic blend will have the above ' acrylic features'. A cotton blend with wool will not, but is less heavy looking than pure wool.

Handknitted Baby Boys Matinee Jacket