TYPE:  Queen Compact

MIRROR: Perfect

METAL: Brass

PATTERN:Matted weave design with diamond cut engraved cirle in basket weave pattern.

EDGE: Scalloped

ERA: 1970s you can tell by the dots on the back with words ''Stratton''

CONDITION:Very Good Vintage, slight light mark on front, perfect working condition.

Still has residue powder, leeft in so you can match size for new powder insert.




Wavy - early 20th century

Spiral- 1930s- pre WW 2

Lines - 1950s

Curly feather - 1950s 'Luxury compacts'

All over stars - no writing - mid 1950-60s

All over stars with writing '' Stratton'' - mid 1960s to early 1970s

All over dots with writing '' Stratton''  - mid 1970s to late 1980s

Woven effect with writing '' Stratton'' - 1990s


Small  round ''Strattnoids''- early 20th century

Meduim round ''Flapjacks'' aprox 3 inches x 3 inches-1930s- pre WW 2

Square '' Pontoon''- 1950s

QUEENS-Patterned edge ( pie crust -like)

''Queen''- smaller and not convertable -1957-58 RARE

'' Queen''- medium convertable- since 1950s and on for 40 years ( 1990s) COMMON


Queen Mirrored Powder Compact



    These items are true vintage and therefore, their condition is 'used' and will have the signs of aging or be imperfect. We will try to describe as much as possible in the product discription of each item. However these cannot be returned or exchanged as they are of 'used condition' and irreplaceable.